4 to 14 year olds

Classes / 4-to-14-year-olds


4 to 9 years old

Imagination is at its best and the sense of ridicule has still not taken its toll! What a brilliant time to learn a language!

  • We teach through immersing children in the language through a story.
  • We use books that children read in Spain and Latin America and explore the language in them through a wide range of activities that make sure the children are engaged.
  • We teach through these stories, traditional games, songs and activities from Spanish speaking countries since the spotlight is on using ‘authentic material’ and it will immediately give them something in common with native speaking children when they travel abroad.
  • We start exploring reading and writing in Spanish and simple grammar rules through games and well thought out material.

10 to 14 years old

  • We love teaching 8 to 11 year olds through doing. More concrete classes based around projects.
  • Making their own magician’s kit, exploring the world of vegetables, designing their ideal superhero, travelling in space, kings and queens around the world, the inca civilization, Spanish cooking. Anything is possible with this age group.
  • Spanish teaching comes in as we ‘make and do’ and therefore it isn’t a subject they learn but a tool for communication, as any language should be.
  • We bring in grammar, reading and writing through play and simple explanations. And we take it at the children’s pace.



Private classes can start at any point in the term.

Private classes are £40 an hour for up to 2 children and £5 per extra child per hour up to a maximum of 8 children.

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