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Since we are little, our parents have always read children’s stories before going to sleep. Who does not remember the story of the Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood or the story of Cinderella? ….Yes, sure you remember!


Research has shown that the benefits that tales have on the learning of our children are very important as they stimulate their intellectual development by putting our children in different situations over each story.

In addition, stories exercise their curiosity and promote their creativity as well.

Therefore, the stories are a fundamental tool for us parents, in educating our children.


7  Reasons:

1. Reading is a fundamental skill builder. Help stimulate the learning and assimilate knowledge easily.

2. Reading is an active mental process. The stories encourage creativity, as children identify with the story’s characters.

3. Reading improves concentration, vocabulary and focus.

4. Reading is highly enjoyable, is a fun way to learn.

5. Is there anything more bonding than a bedtime story?

6. Reading teaches morals. Stories help educate children on human values in a very illustrative manner.

7. Lifetime Benefits. Creating a reading habit will surely benefit  their academic development.


We appreciate and would like to thank ‘Cuentos Infantiles Cortos.’

for their contribution to the blog .

We highly recommend visit their website where you can subscribe and receive a story tale everyday !



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