What we do

We teach Spanish and we do it well!

Ole Kids was born with our own children and is growing with them. We started our journey creating classes for the really little ones as a way to keep their hearing open to the sounds of Spanish – an opportunity that is open during the first 5 years of life, meet like minded parents and make use of the children’s innate ability to pick out grammar rules without having to spell them out. This explains why we prefer teaching through immersion, getting children to do things and have fun.  Nobody can learn under stressful conditions!

We keep that ethos as much as possible with older students and always match learning the language with learning other things; arts and crafts, stories, games, music, science, maths, you name it! The learning is always twofold since languages are not a school subject but a tool for communication. So that is what we do. We aim to encourage children to communicate in Spanish. No rights and wrongs just finding ways to get their point across.

Teaching children

We offer private and group classes within your own home, schools and nurseries.

  • We specialise in teaching children from 8 months to A’levels.
  • All our teachers are particularly interested in methods of education and finding the right way to teach individual children
  • We can teach one to one lessons or small groups
  • We can set up classes within schools and nurseries
  • We use Ole Kids teaching material which is unique to our company, tried and tested material that keeps children engaged and  interested whilst learning in a natural way.

We can adapt to your child’s style of learning and can work on topics your child is interested it in. We make sure learning is fun and useful. Do let us know if you have any particular requests.


Being a parent is a good time to learn a language ! Our children are our best example, we can learn from them to be comfortable not understanding for a while and reading body language!


  • Learn at the same time as your children or independently
  • Individual or group classes at home, in a neutral space or within your work space.
  • Spanish and other dialects available.
  • www.oleadults.com

Teacher and Nanny Training

  • Courses to help teachers plan for lessons using authentic materials used by children in Spain.
  • We help teachers trained in Spain to understand and use the EYFS framework and prepare class activities for nursery.


  • Make sure your Spanish nanny has all the knowledge they need to encourage your children’s development and language learning.
  • Day courses for nannies to learn how to  prepare their own material
  • Lessons to teach the basics of child development for the appropriate ages they are working with
  • Monthly activities based on children’s stories to keep the children busy and learning the language




  • Weekend workshops at Iberica restaurants while you eat
  • Arts and crafts and games with one of our specialised Spanish teachers while you dig into the best tapas in London


  • Workshops within schools and nurseries
  • A great way to celebrate international day or generally learn about Spanish culture
  • Authentic materials come to life. We bring Spanish traditional stories, songs and games to life.
  • Teachers will experience language as a form of communication rather than a subject and have a chance to use it with new teachers