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Why stop at a Spanish class, your children can also do their other activities in Spanish!

Since children learn through ‘doing’ it is great to compliment their Spanish classes with other activities that bring a different range of vocabulary and expressions. It is also a great way to help children feel comfortable in Spanish whilst they concentrate on learning a new skill




icon-time1 to 4 pm Saturday and Sunday icon-locationIberica Canary WharfInfoFree weekend workshops while you eat 


icon-time1 to 4 pm Sunday icon-locationIberica Great portland street  InfoFree Sundays workshops while you eat

icon-time1 to 4 pm Sunday icon-locationIberica Victoria   Info Free Sundays workshops while you eat

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Olga is a professional photographer with a passion for bringing out the best of humanity. She can run courses for adults, children or families learning us to see the world with new eyes and be able to capture those moments forever. From basic to advanced skills, Olga can teach the next step whilst retelling her amazing adventures in every corner of the world taking her outstanding photos. Olga prefers to teach outdoors, putting skills to use from day one.

If you are interested do get in touch with times and days that could work for you.

If Olga is not available we can place you on our waiting list.

Cooking in Spanish

cooking Most of our teachers are great at cooking and cooking is a great activity to practice the language, as well as all the ingredients through cooking we can include colours, numbers, measuring, action verbs, kitchen utensils, flavours, likes and dislikes; and the list goes on. As well as language they will be learning about food and hygiene, taking care of themselves and healthy foods.

The teacher would arrive with the ingredients for the first class but then will work on a cook book with the children and leave a list of ingredients for the week after, which we would expect you to have ready for class. This gives you an opportunity take your child to the supermarket and for them to practice the language once more before the class.
Cooking is fun and often tastes good!

1 hour £40 for up to 2 children and £5 per extra child per hour to a maximum of 4 children.
1 and 1/2 hours £60 for up to 2 children and £5 per extra child per hour to a maximum of 4 children.

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