Carnaval carnaval…carnaval te quiero!!!

04The most famous Carnaval in the world takes place in Brazil there is no doubt about that. Here in the UK we have the Notting Hill Carnaval which is the largest street festival in Europe every August Bank Holiday!

But if you ask me what Carnaval means for me?… it would a very different story…

carnaval1Carnaval in Spain is different… it is a crazy street festival full of colour and costumes…where we are allowed to dress up with the most crazy and peculiar costumes we can think of! For me it is the festival of fun and joy. It is always full of humour..which is celebrated across the whole country. When my grandmother was 80 she squeezed herself into a baby pram for the day to be part of a group who dressed up as the royal family!

The celebrations and customs vary depending of the region of Spain and it is different in each city and village, among others the most famous are:

carnaval tenerife

The Carnaval of Gran Canaria and Tenerife, where they celebrate for several days and nights with music in the streets, queens of the Carnaval, dances and colourful parades. They are also famous for their “concursos de murgas“, a group of people that write and sing songs together, they write lyrics which reflect the social and political situation of Spanish society with a sense of humour.

CARV_CARTELES_2015_EGR-DIARIOBC (1)_800x600rThe Carnaval of Cadiz, officially a two week festival but it can last up to a month for some of the locals, it is also very popular and a must. They are very popular for their “chirigotas“, a group of costumed performers that parade the streets of cadiz singing satirical songs and bringing joy and laughs to everyone who happens to be on their path.

Other Carnavals of interest…