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Churros con chocolate!

Happy new year!!

Celebrate the new year dedicating an afternoon to the amazing Chocolate con churros!

Now that it is too cold to go anywhere here is a plan for the afternoon:

Start by making real chocolate con churros following my aunt’s very specific recipe!

When the children have full tummies and are full of energy they can make some pretend chocolate con churros that can be used for many afternoons of fun coffee shop role play.

Para hacer un chocolate con churros de papel necesitamos:


1. Hacer dos agujeros en la taza de papel con un lapiz, si ponemos un trozo de plastilina en la parte de dentro evitamos hacernos daño.

churros 5_instant

2. Meter el limpia pipas en los agujeros, y atarlo por dentro de la taza.

churros 2_instantchurros 7_instant

3. Rellenar con papel chino marrón.

churros 9_instant

4. En una cartulina A5 o A6 amarilla, pintar rallas marrones.

churros 4_instant

5. Enrollar la cartulina y ponerle cello o pegamento

churros 3_instant



And to finish it off learn a great game Spanish children play which is very simple and easy to do anywhere!

Music video by Grupo Encanto performing Chocolate. (C)2010 Sony Music Entertainment España, S.L./ Pas Eventos Y Producciones, S.L.


Chocolate Adventure (Recipe)

“Chocolate Adventure” – A yummy, fun and really easy Project

There are lots of ideas  you can do to help your child learn and grow. Choosing activities which gives them a chance to explore and use their imaginations are the best of all.

This is a fun & easy project, these chocolate bowls can hold all kinds of goodies including ice cream,  fruit, or any other treat you have in mind.

Do you know what the most fun part is?  – You can get as creative as you want adding additional decorative touches. There are no limits of what you can do.

Step by Step

1- Blow up balloons about the size of an orange. Whatever size you blow up the balloon,  will be the size of your chocolate bowl.

2- Melt  the chocolate using instructions that came with your chocolate; then let the chocolate cool for 5 – 10 minutes in a bowl. ( I used an ordinary Cadbury plain chocolate bar)

3- Dip the balloon  into the chocolate, then lift it slowly and let some of the excess chocolate drip back into the bowl and place it on waxed paper lined tray.

4- Take it to the fridge. They will set up in about 10 minutes.

5- Once the chocolate is completely set up, it’s time to deflate the balloons: gently cut a small hole near the area where the balloon is tied. As the balloon deflates it will still be attached to the inside of the chocolate, now very slowly peel the balloon away from the chocolate, and voila! You have your chocolate bowl ready!

Now make sure plenty of chocolate bowls and keep them carefully on the freezer for this special occasion.

I must say they look downright elegant when paired up with white chocolate mousse topped with fresh berries, icing sugar and drizzled with raspberry sauce.



*Be sure to let the chocolate cool until it is slightly warm before you start to dip the balloons or  they could pop.

*If the bottom of the bowls have holes in them no problems. Fill them in with melted chocolate and refreeze.

*If the walls of the bowl tears slightly, use melted chocolate as glue and refreeze.

*These bowls may take a little practice. After making the 1st bowl you’ll catch on.

Nutrition Workshop. What shall we eat?!

Are you struggling to entice your child to eat right?  Coming from Spain, many parents have intimate knowledge of the healthy Mediterranean diet –  plenty of fruit and vegetables, oily fish, lean meats, nuts, seeds, quality olive oils, some dairy and  wholegrains. However trying to navigate our children to the right foods can be a battle especially when we are all bombarded with processed, packaged foods. Just walk around any supermarket and you’ll notice all the highest sugar/high salt/processed foods are displayed at eye level for children to create maximum pester power.

So how can we reinterest our children in the basics of good eating and widen their palate?

Here are a few simple steps:

  • Avoid all-day grazing and structure your children’s eating pattern to three meals a day with two quality snacks (eg one mid morning and one mid afternoon). Good snacks might include a handful of nuts or a matchbox size piece of cheese with a piece of chopped-up fruit. This means that when they sit down to eat a meal later they should be properly hungry.
  • Start breakfast with a protein base eg a good-old fashioned egg is a perfect start. It will keep your child’s mood and energy levels steady throughout the day. Avoid starting the day with sugary breakfast cereals or pastries. Rather than juices which have a high concentration of natural sugar, cut up or slice a piece of fruit with breakfast. These strategies should avoid your child suffering sugar cravings later in the morning – unhelpful for weight control, energy levels or teeth. There’s lots of antioxidants and fibre in the pith of oranges, the skin on apples etc. Try seasonal fruits – English strawberries are around right now.
  • Finally, if your child craves junk foods such as high-salt hydrogenised fat chicken nuggets, take small gradual steps towards familiarising them with quality home-made ones, cooked in olive oil which are more nutrient-dense.

For more tips on healthy food and tackling fussy eating in children, please join us Nutritional Therapists Marta Vazquez and Jeannette Hyde at 10.30am on Thursday 14 June in Fulham Broadway Methodist Church for a talk.  Cost on the day £10.

Follow us on Twitter: @fussyeateruk

Flores de Carnaval

Around February every year Lugo (Galicia, The green bit of Spain) dresses up to celebrate carnival.

Days of parties, competitions and becoming whoever you want to be or love to hate being.

My grandmothers 92 and 81 years old and their friends do not give up this party for anything in the world.

They cook traditional dishes, have parties and afternoon teas and are out and about in wacky costumes of the themes they choose each year.

Last year they were fisherwomen with flat baskets full of plastic or handmade fish on their heads, not many years ago my younger grandmother, when she was still in her 70s, spent a whole day being pushed around in an old pram dressed as a baby! She needed time to be able to walk again at the end of the day but anything for a good costume!

One of the traditional recipes in Galicia for carnival are these flowers. My grandmother made a power point last year so that her 27 grandchildren and 20 great grandcildren could carry on making the carnival flowers in years to come.

Espero os guste, y que os animáis ha hacerlas, es muy fácil y son riquisimas.(Hope you like the video…would you dare to make them?…Do let us know how did it go)



My aunt’s churros recipe.

You will not believe how easy it is to make churros!

My aunt Tete taught me a few christmases ago and I can tell you she makes the best churros I have ever tasted!

As always the simplest recipes are the hardest to get right but ever since we learnt we keep trying and almost get there!

So, although she says the recipe must be very exact in terms of measuring, as every Spanish cook I know the very strict instructions quickly go from ‘250 gr of flour’ to ‘well and a little bit more if it doesn’t look right’.

So it is important to watch the video to get an idea of the right consistency of the dough!

But here is the recipe:

250 gr of flour
A pinch of salt
A teaspoon of baking powder
A tablespoon of sugar

Mix it all in and then add

Between 250 to 300 cc of boiling water (I could never get a straight answer but I do know that too little  water will be too heavy and too much water means it will soak up more oil, so we have to experiment)

Put the mix into a churrera (mine is from and can also be used to make fresh pasta.It looks like they are developing their site to buy online)

Make one long ribbon pushing it out like those play dough syringes, maybe those might work until you get the real churrera!

Start heating some oil to deep fry the churros. Dip a knife into the hot oil to cut the ribbon into churros the size you want. (dipping the knife in the oil is a trick to stop the dough sticking )

Deep fry them until golden.

Rest them on some kitchen paper to soak up the extra oil and sprinkle some sugar over them.

Make sure you have some yummy thick hot chocolate to dip them into! Que Aproveche!