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Were Cervantes and Shakespeare the same person? 


The 22nd April 2016 marked the 400th year anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes, the greatest writer in Spanish Language and author of El Quijote. Isn’t it amazing Shakespeare died 11 days later (May 3rd) on the same year?! Spooky.
I have heard in the past great theories about them actually being the same person. However a more likely theory which I read in a magazine by the British Spanish Society (also celebrating its 100 anniversary this year) is that Shakespeare co-wrote at least two plays with John Fletcher who was a Hispanophile. Fletcher would have known about Cervantes’ writing, and it is through this connection that Shakespeare’s writing may have been influenced by the Spanish writer. Even 400 years ago the ‘six degrees of separation’ theory must have worked! Download your Cervantes and Shakespeare bookmarks to celebrate their great genius.

To celebrate the amazing legacy Cervantes has left us, we have collated some ideas you can do with the children to introduce them to the amazing adventures of El Quijote.

If you want them to learn about Cervantes, we have found a slightly robotic video which explains his biography simply. It is a bit odd but cute.



Las fallas


Las Fallas es una fiesta que se celebran en la ciudad de Valencia y alrededores, de gran carácter nacional y turístico que tiene lugar siempre entre el 15 y el 19 de marzo.

Antes de comenzar a hablar de los principales actos que se dan durante el mes de marzo creo que debo poner nombre y forma a las figuras más importantes que engloban las fallas.

No hay Fallas sin comisiones falleras, ni sus falleros y ni el monumento fallero. No hay barrio que no tenga su comisión fallera o comisiones, todo depende de lo grande que sea el barrio y lo falleros que sean. Los falleros y falleras son quienes forma parte de estas comisiones y los encargados de reunir durante un año el dinero suficiente para montar su monumento fallero.

Durante estos días la ciudad de Valencia se llena de actos, falleros, no falleros y turistas tanto nacionales como internacionales. Entre los actos destacan aquellos que son fijos año tras año, como por ejemplo:

– La Cridà: este acto se celebra el último domingo de febrero y en él la Fallera Mayor de la ciudad convoca en las Torres de Serrano a todas las comisiones falleras e invita a todos los valencianos y visitantes a formar parte de este festejo.

– La Mascletà: desde el 1 de marzo hasta el 19 del mismo mes, todos los días a las 14:00 horas en la plaza del Ayuntamiento tiene lugar la mascletà. Es un evento pirotécnico donde se junta ruido, humo, color y olor. Mucha gente no ve nada interesante este acontecimiento pero los que hemos nacido en la tierra del cohete y nos hemos criado con esa explosión pirotécnica este acto es para nosotros mucho más que ver, es además sentir, oler y oír. Nuestros cuatro sentidos están al 100%. ¿Mi recomendació? Si vas a Valencia a Fallas asiste al menos a una mascletà y deja que tus sentidos de la vista, del oído y del olfato hagan el resto. Cierra los ojos e interioriza cada cohete que estalla.

– La exposición del Ninot: cerca de 800 ninots son expuestos durante varias semanas en este museo con la esperanza de ser indultados y librarse de la Cremà. Cada falla elige el ninot o muñeco más preciado para dicha exposición, la tarde del 14 de marzo se recogen los muñecos infantiles y el 15 de marzo se recogen los ninots adultos.

– La Plantà: durante el 14 y 15 de marzo tiene lugar la Plantà que consiste en erigir las fallas. Durante meses por no decir un año los artistas falleros se encierran en sus talleres para dar forma a la falla. Hasta que no llegan estos dos días la temática de la falla es un secreto guardado bajo llave, solo los miembros de la falla saben por donde van a air los tiros de su falla. El día 16 es cuando el jurado visita cada falla y les otorga una puntuación. Dicha puntuación es muy importante pues la falla que gane el premio ademas de llevarse una compensación económica sube de caché.

– La noche de la Cremà: este acto de cierre de las fiestas. Durante la noche del 19 de marzo, concretamente a las 00:00 horas, se procede a la quema de las fallas grandes. Las fallas infantiles se han quemado antes., y a las 00:30 horas se quema la falla ganadora. Es un acto lleno de emociones pues además de significar el fin de las fiestas, significa el fin de un año lleno de actos, reuniones, ilusiones, nervios, etc.





….Thermo que?

GF-DF-Blackberyy-Coconut-4 A few weeks back, over the half term the whole family went to Iberica Canary wharf for a Sunday lunch treat! As always the food was fabulous and the kids loved it! specially since Natalia from Ole kids was at the mezzanine entertaining the small ones, while the adults enjoyed a bit of spanish “tertulia” like back home.

It was at the Olekids play area at the mezzanine that I met Ankita (onegirlandherthermie). Ankita is the London Thermomix Advisor (Demonstrator) and Team Leader, we had a wonderful chat about family and work and how difficult it sometimes is to balance both! And it was really interesting to talk to her about the thermomix, which is a very common feature of Spanish kitchens!

As many Spanish families  we got our thermomix as a present, my mum thought that it would help us in the kitchen when my first daughter was born. The idea was that the less time you spend cooking and washing, the more time you will spend with the baby, and I have to say that it worked!! Since then, six years ago the thermonix has become our saviour in many occasions!


On the way back home I told my husband about Ankita and how nice it was to meet her. I have to admit that in my house the kitchen is my husbands’ domain, and the thermomix as he would say is his tool box. So I felt a bit guilty that he was really disappointed I hadn’t asked for any special recipes from the thermomix “queen” as he put it!

It is funny how the most bizarre things can make people connect and feel closer to each other, every time we go into someone’s kitchen my husband will check if they have a thermomix! A bit geeky I know! I guess he is searching for a sign of camaraderie. If he sees one he will smile and point at it, quite contented, like he has found one of his own.

I am not going to go into the details about what this kitchen robot can do or can’t do, but if you are intrigued or interested ask Ankita, Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 22.45.21she is the thermomix “queen” of London!

For the thermomix scepticals and those who aren’t convinced about this robot yet…well maybe the likes of Heston Blumenthal, Tom Aitkens or Rene Redzepi among others, using it to prepare their award winning dishes might change their minds.

Have a look at this: “spot the thermomix in a famous restaurant ” youtube video playlist Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 23.09.10


Olekids and Iberica at Iberica Canary Warf Every Saturday /Sunday from 1 to 4 pm.

Children can play and learn with our amazing teachers while you eat the gorgeous tapas.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 22.49.11

St Valentines

St Valentine’s tapas @ Iberica Canary Wharf

So we are ready for a weekend of fun and games with lots of hearts, reds, pinks, greens to celebrate St Valentine’s. Come along saturday and sunday 1 to 4 pm to Iberica Canary Wharf and while you eat your children can make all the cards and presents you need. Perfect day out!
Remember to book with Iberica



Oranges from Valencia delivered to your door!

Oranges from Valencia delivered to your door!

Last year you might remember this post:

A few days ago I told my friend in Madrid we have all been recovering from a nasty virus at home and a couple of days later there is a knock at the door…. a box of oranges straight over from Valencian trees! I almost cried. I haven’t received a box of oranges like that, with the leaves on, huge and delicious since I was little and my dad brought them home for Christmas. I almost cried!!

Well my kids have been nagging me about them so much that is now a traditional treat for the whole family every January!

Baby massage and Baby Yoga in Spanish

One to one Baby massage and baby Yoga in Spanish!

1396809392757There are many reason why I recommend Baby massage….but my favourite one is that  provides quality time for parent and baby!!

Well, now you can also do it in Spanish!

Sandra Fernandez is one of the instructors at Kin2Skin , she is originally from Mexico and has been in the UK since 2008. She is ready to teach if you are ready to learn!

Check her website for more information!

You can also give someone a voucher as a present.


A spoonfull of Spanish, helps the tapas go down…peacefully!

We have a lot to celebrate as we finish the school year.

Our gorgeous trophy and certificates!


This month at Ole Kids, we joined the other shortlisted local businesses at the

Hammersmith and Fulham Brilliant Business Awards 2012.

 Thanks to all your votes we were shortlisted for ‘Best Supporter of the Community’, ‘Your favourite Business’ and were  

Runner up ‘Best New Business’!

We picked up our trophy and are feeling very proud of ourselves as a team and all the families that are on this Spanish learning journey with us.



As well as our trophy we are also over the moon about our other news for the month:

                                       Sunday Spanish workshops at Iberica Canary Wharf!

Iberica London is a gorgeous Spanish tapas restaurant that aims to bring the best quality Spanish food to London. Iberica has also recently collected an award by the Real Academia de Gastronomia in Madrid for their  ‘outstanding contribution to Spanish Gastronomy Worldwide’

And now Iberica is ready to offer the families coming for Sunday lunch a bit more than a cultural experience in terms of food, they are also wanting to bring Spanish language and culutre FREE to their children while they eat!

And that is where we come in. Ole kids will be at the beautiful Canary Wharf Restaurant on Sundays from 12 to 3 pm to keep children entertained and learning after they have gobbled up their ‘croquetas’ ‘jamon’ or ‘tortilla española’ (that is usually what our children choose to eat!)

Each week we will have several art activities ready to pay tribute to different Spanish artists. Picasso, Dali, Velazquez, Miro… they will all have their turn and children of all ages are welcome to come and have a go, from colouring in to collage and sculpture we will cover a range of art materials and formats each week.

 When we feel it is suitable we will run our well known classes full of fun and games to introduce children                                         to different vocabulary whilst gently challenging their movement, communication, social and cognitive skills at whatever stage of development they are at.

 There will be plenty of traditional songs and games to learn, story time, puppet stories. A mixture of      reading in Spanish and English so we can cater for bilingual and monolingual children and bring learning for all. The Grufalo in Spanish, a story about Velazquez in English, the three little pigs in both.

 Initially our workshops are open to all and please please please give us as much feedback, support and ideas as you can so we can make it the best possible experience for all. We are really looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing how our project runs, so do come and visit us and enjoy your meal!!


WHEN: Every Sunday 12.00 to 15.00

(General Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 11.30 am to 11.30 pm, Sundays 12.00 to 16.00)

Chococolate Adventure (Competition time!)

A couple of weeks ago Ole Kids mums get together in a “Chocolate Adventure Class”.

I cannot tell you how much fun we had, and all the things we all learnt during the masterclass.

We learn how to do Chocolate Bowls (Recipe)” , our kids enjoy every minute of it, and it was just amazing to see how they engage , concentrate on the tasks and work toghether as a team.

There are lots of ideas you can do to help your child learn and practice Spanish. Choosing activities which gives them a chance to explore and use their imaginations are the best of all.

NOW , we want YOU to have fun with us and that’s why we are running a COMPETITION. 

We want YOU to win one of this luxurious and scrumptious box of fresh, exquisitely tasty strawberries, dip in rich luxury chocolate and then finish in a variety of colours and decorative details. The amazing prize is courtesy of  “Berry Temptation” to the lucky winner of Ole Kids competition.

To enter, all you have to do is watch the video and leave a comment below this post … That’s all you have to do to!


If you want to up your chances at winning, then this is how you can get additional entries (only after you’ve completed the step above):

1 Like OLE KIDS on Facebook and join a thriving community of parents.

2 Subscribe to receive blog updates following this link: Subscribe Form

This giveaway ends Friday, June 22 at 11:59 p.m. and is open to everyone living in London, UK.

Father’s day in Spain!

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June but it Father´s day/“el Día del padre” in Spain  is always celebrated on 19th March,

which is also “El día de San José” – Saint Joseph´s day – to celebrate the father of Jesus.

Y como todos sabéis en nuestro país las celebraciones van muy ligadas a la gastronomía, el Día del Padre se convierte en una fecha familiar, de convivencia, donde vamos a compartir momentos felices y también buñuelos, a ser posible acompañados de una taza de chocolate caliente.

Deliciosos buñuelos con y sin agujero, azucarados… nos servían de desayuno y merienda durante varios días.

Receta :Buñuelos de San José,

Ingredientes: 1 vaso de agua tibia, 250 grs. de harina, 50 grs. de levadura fresca, 1 pizca de sal, 1 litro de aceite para freír y abundante azúcar para espolvorear.

Modo de preparación:

Después de deshacer la levadura en el agua, se añade la pizca de sal y poco a poco la harina, se remueve para que no queden grumos.

Cuando hemos conseguido una pasta homogénea lo podemos dejar una hora para que fermente la levadura, es muy importante tapar con un paño de algodón limpio y colocar en un lugar cálido.

Pasados los 60 minutos, podemos empezar a coger trozos de masa, formando bolas y haciendo un agujero en el centro, se irán dejando en el aceite hirviendo.

Cuando están hechos por las dos caras ya pueden dejarse en una fuente cubierta por papel absorbente, el toque final lo da el dulce azúcar que echamos por encima.

Recordad que los niños pueden ayudaros a mezclar los ingredientes pero es mejor que se mantengan alejados de los fogones al freír los buñuelos.


Que aproveche.