Chocolate Adventure (Recipe)

“Chocolate Adventure” – A yummy, fun and really easy Project

There are lots of ideas  you can do to help your child learn and grow. Choosing activities which gives them a chance to explore and use their imaginations are the best of all.

This is a fun & easy project, these chocolate bowls can hold all kinds of goodies including ice cream,  fruit, or any other treat you have in mind.

Do you know what the most fun part is?  – You can get as creative as you want adding additional decorative touches. There are no limits of what you can do.

Step by Step

1- Blow up balloons about the size of an orange. Whatever size you blow up the balloon,  will be the size of your chocolate bowl.

2- Melt  the chocolate using instructions that came with your chocolate; then let the chocolate cool for 5 – 10 minutes in a bowl. ( I used an ordinary Cadbury plain chocolate bar)

3- Dip the balloon  into the chocolate, then lift it slowly and let some of the excess chocolate drip back into the bowl and place it on waxed paper lined tray.

4- Take it to the fridge. They will set up in about 10 minutes.

5- Once the chocolate is completely set up, it’s time to deflate the balloons: gently cut a small hole near the area where the balloon is tied. As the balloon deflates it will still be attached to the inside of the chocolate, now very slowly peel the balloon away from the chocolate, and voila! You have your chocolate bowl ready!

Now make sure plenty of chocolate bowls and keep them carefully on the freezer for this special occasion.

I must say they look downright elegant when paired up with white chocolate mousse topped with fresh berries, icing sugar and drizzled with raspberry sauce.


*Be sure to let the chocolate cool until it is slightly warm before you start to dip the balloons or  they could pop.

*If the bottom of the bowls have holes in them no problems. Fill them in with melted chocolate and refreeze.

*If the walls of the bowl tears slightly, use melted chocolate as glue and refreeze.

*These bowls may take a little practice. After making the 1st bowl you’ll catch on.