Conscious parenting

There is so much about meditation and mindfulness written everywhere at the moment but what is it all about and are we becoming more aware?

Over the years I have tried all sorts to quieten my mind and learn about myself. When I was younger for a while it was music and pints that really helped and even now a glass of wine with friends or a good film will quieten my constant chatter!
However since wine in the long run doesn’t work that way I have also tried different yoga classes, pilates, swimming, exercise in general is great for me but I have discovered I can even do that in a mindful way or finish 30 lengths and realise I wasn’t really ‘present’ while I was doing them.
As well as exercise I have tried meditation classes. Some I really enjoyed and some I didn’t get at all. But I do know I cannot sit for an hour a day flying of to a land of stillness. It just doesn’t work for me and I don’t understand how it helps me.
So one conclusion I have come to is that as most things in life you learn best when you find the right teacher for you. In my case what works in Tracey Ash-Ingley’s approach to meditation.
It is about connecting with yourself and something bigger than that. About being aware and in the moment. About listening to my body and attaching new and more positive tags to what I am feeling. Connecting with an image of my amazing self that I can bring into here and now so I can work towards becoming that.
It is simple, quick, clean and VERY VERY light and I can use what I learn immediately in my daily life in London, it fits in with the schedule and makes the schedule run better.
I have so much to learn and I can’t wait to keep learning but I notice daily changes in me; in how I deal with what happens around me, and more importantly how I deal with myself and my family.
I am not sure how much children have access to this kind of learning in school and the activities they do. I am not sure how much of it I bring into our daily life. I make sure they have lots of time to use their imaginations and allowing them as much free play as possible I think is like allowing them to breathe air, just a necessity.
But I haven’t sat down with them to help them become more conscious, to be aware of themselves. To recognise when they need to take time out before it is too late and to know how to helps themselves do that.
Luckily Tracey is willing to get us started by running a couple of workshops at the Violet Hill Studios on the 7th of March and the 18th of April. One session, lots of tips, a month to try them in and then the second session to bring it all together and get more tips.
I will accompany these workshop doing some work at the end around children feeling their own bodies, where they start and stop and thinking about positive touch as a way to connect with people and themselves.
I can’t wait to see how these workshops go and the learning for my children. I hope it will start us off on a new path for how they relate to themselves and how we all relate to each other.
When: 7th March and 18th April 4.30pm to 5.30 pm
Where: Violet Hill Studios, 6 Violet Hill, London NW8 9EB
Price: £10 per person per worksop
Who: or Lola 07734900221