New things in life

These are the things that we have learnt from being locked down that we didn’t know before!

. That my house was bigger then I thought.  We are all using different rooms and being more inventive about how we are using them

. That we work less than we do normally.  Usually we spend time travelling to what we are doing and do lots of different subjects a day,  But now we choose a subject or two.  We have really enjoyed the cooking classes that we have done together instead like making bread or cookies 

 That we see each other more.  We are working together more online and talking to our family more than we normally do 

. You can do exercise inside your house

. We pollute less.  Plastic pollution is getting better as no planes are flying and cars are staying inside and we are buying less plastic.

. You sleep more deeply as no planes are in the sky and cars and no motor bikes now you can just hear the birds

.We have new routines in our day that we never had before.  For example Elodie and family do Zumba every evening, and Tristan and family do Joe Wicks everyday and another 7 minute workout.

These are the things that we have learnt over the last 3 weeks and we will update you one the other discoveries.


Tristan, Elodie and Ena



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