Spice up your child’s birthday party with a Latin-Spanish flavor!

Ole Parties

1 – 2 years old

After hosting and attending 6 years of kids parties we have put together a fun range of games and activities to keep the little ones active, learning and having a magical time!

We can add a Spanish and latin twist to make your party amazingly entertaining, allowing you to host and catch up with all your guests and celebrate your little one’s big day completely stress-free!

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3 – 6 years old

For the next age group it is all about fantasy, super heroes, fairies and gnomes, pirates and witches. We can become all of those things as we explore the woods, travel the seven seas or fly across the universe with all sorts of games and crafts. Alternatively we can bring cultural festivities into your own home to add a taste of Spanish and Latin American countries, we can even bring in some language learning while we are at it! And who can resist a bit of salsa dancing?

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7 – 11 years old

For the older children why not learn a skill whilst having fun?

We can help you look for anything from a ‘Fun Cooking Birthday Party’ with some Spanish or South American cultural dishes. To a dance class, bring in the Salsa or Sevillanas wearing some rumba sleeves. Do contact us and we can talk through options and possibilities.

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