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Free printable Spanish coloring sheets:Parts of the House

These printable coloring sheets with words in Spanish reinforce vocabulary for parts of the house and common household objects.

You can follow up the activity by finding the objects in magazine pictures, drawing and labeling your own picture, labeling the items in the house or on a doll house, and pointing to the objects in picture books.

These pictures have extra details to talk about, so you can practice other words your child is learning too.

There is no English on these coloring pages, but here is the list of the part of the house:

Escribe las partes de la casa. / Write the parts of the house.
la ventana – window
la puerta – door
el tejado – roof
la maceta – plant
el buzón – mailbox
el garage – garage
la chimenea – chimney

Please click on the following link to download these printable coloring sheets: CHILDTOPIA.COM

Material and free printables were created by chiltopia.com