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From Journaler to Scrapbook fan

From age eight to college I was an avid journaler. For most of that time I journaled weekly.

I could spend an hour or more pouring my life and views into my journal and I think it may be one of the reasons I remember so much of my childhood.

As an adult, that dedicated activity was slowly losing its space in my life and it was until I got pregnant that I realised how important was to keep track again of all the precious moments and the new daily adventures that I was experiencing as a brand new mom.

Since then, two years ago, all the memories and memorabilia of my son Santiago: handprints, first greetings cards, first foods, first flight tickets, etc have been  kept on a lovely handcraft  box waiting to be organized on a special journal.

The idea has been going around on my head for several months and occupied an important place on my TO DO list for 2012, but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I met Camilla, the creative brain behind the scenes of Memory Albums of London that I have decided to finally go back to my old days as a young journaler.

She showed me how she does the albums, where all the creativity comes from, what endless possibilities we have when filling them and most important how much fun we could have doing it!!

Her passion was all I needed to start my project again,and I would love to share the Album she gave us with all of you:  AMIGOS de Olé Kids.


How can you get one of these gorgeous albums?

Simply by entering to our competition and BE THE WINNER!!