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Choosing Apps for your kids

A  recently research conducted by PBS Parents ORG found that many children had received electronic gifts for christmas.

“A good app should be the perfect combination between education and entertainment”, says Dr. Carolyn Jaynes, a learning designer for Leapfrog Enterprises.

When kids are engaged, they learn.  Educational apps balance engagement with learning. Whether an app is focused on teaching math skills or science, it is really important that a child has opportunities to play and do something new.

Features to Look For

Easy to use: Look for apps that are easy for your child to navigate through. Something with simple commands are best for younger children, such as dragging a finger across the screen to complete an action. Be sure to keep your child’s age in mind when choosing apps. You want something that challenges your child without being too easy or too difficult for your child’s ability.

Content Matters: Be sure the app fits your child’s age in animation and content. Also, you’ll want to be sure the app does not contain pop-ups that link to the Internet or the App Store or anywhere else you do not want your child to access.

Trusted, & reliable sources: Look for established, trusted educational brands that are known for producing educational content.

There would be always a question of when is best introducing technology and we always could think about its pros and cons. Just because toddlers like to push buttons and watch videos does not mean they are ready for a computer.

Personally I think  is about setting the right “media diet”. A balanced media diet is like a balanced food diet; variety is healthier.

Do you have any thoughts to share with us at getting educational apps for your children? … If so, which ones are you letting them use and are there any of them helping with Spanish learning?