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A spoonfull of Spanish, helps the tapas go down…peacefully!

We have a lot to celebrate as we finish the school year.

Our gorgeous trophy and certificates!


This month at Ole Kids, we joined the other shortlisted local businesses at the

Hammersmith and Fulham Brilliant Business Awards 2012.

 Thanks to all your votes we were shortlisted for ‘Best Supporter of the Community’, ‘Your favourite Business’ and were  

Runner up ‘Best New Business’!

We picked up our trophy and are feeling very proud of ourselves as a team and all the families that are on this Spanish learning journey with us.



As well as our trophy we are also over the moon about our other news for the month:

                                       Sunday Spanish workshops at Iberica Canary Wharf!

Iberica London is a gorgeous Spanish tapas restaurant that aims to bring the best quality Spanish food to London. Iberica has also recently collected an award by the Real Academia de Gastronomia in Madrid for their  ‘outstanding contribution to Spanish Gastronomy Worldwide’

And now Iberica is ready to offer the families coming for Sunday lunch a bit more than a cultural experience in terms of food, they are also wanting to bring Spanish language and culutre FREE to their children while they eat!

And that is where we come in. Ole kids will be at the beautiful Canary Wharf Restaurant on Sundays from 12 to 3 pm to keep children entertained and learning after they have gobbled up their ‘croquetas’ ‘jamon’ or ‘tortilla española’ (that is usually what our children choose to eat!)

Each week we will have several art activities ready to pay tribute to different Spanish artists. Picasso, Dali, Velazquez, Miro… they will all have their turn and children of all ages are welcome to come and have a go, from colouring in to collage and sculpture we will cover a range of art materials and formats each week.

 When we feel it is suitable we will run our well known classes full of fun and games to introduce children                                         to different vocabulary whilst gently challenging their movement, communication, social and cognitive skills at whatever stage of development they are at.

 There will be plenty of traditional songs and games to learn, story time, puppet stories. A mixture of      reading in Spanish and English so we can cater for bilingual and monolingual children and bring learning for all. The Grufalo in Spanish, a story about Velazquez in English, the three little pigs in both.

 Initially our workshops are open to all and please please please give us as much feedback, support and ideas as you can so we can make it the best possible experience for all. We are really looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing how our project runs, so do come and visit us and enjoy your meal!!


WHEN: Every Sunday 12.00 to 15.00

(General Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 11.30 am to 11.30 pm, Sundays 12.00 to 16.00)


Spanish-English bilingual in England. To be or not to be is not the question! How to be it? Is.

Having lived in London for over 17 years it has always amazed me when I come across people whose parents or grandparents are from a different country and they don’t speak anything other than English. Often they say ‘I understand it but I can’t speak it’. I always thought their parents did something wrong! Now that I have children of my own I realise that it is easier than I thought to just let a language go, especially when parents have different first languages to each other and to the local community.

It has to become a really conscious effort in a list of ‘things to do’ that grows every time you look at it. Families in London are already stretched to fit work, activities, play dates, homework, dinner, bath, a fight or two, some t.v. and making space for that elusive ‘quality time’ together. If then you have to add to that people speaking to each other in different languages, it can get difficult!

In our house we are all Spanish and we speak Spanish all the time (supposedly the home language vs community language method) unless there are people around who don’t speak Spanish, we watch T.V. mainly in English, half the books we read to the children are English and half Spanish and the same with games and songs, so we ‘generally’ speak Spanish.

When my children were born I worried they would not be bilingual and therefore would be cut off from a big part of who they are, of understanding who their parents are, cut off from a huge, fun, warm family and having a relationship with their three great grandmothers who are still alive!

If i didn’t help them with Spanish growing up in London, they could be missing out on the ability to communicate with another 500 million people worldwide who speak the language, reading ‘El Quijote’ in its original language, watching ‘como agua para chocolate’ how it was filmed or travelling around 21 countries learning the most they can from different cultures whilst using their native language and feeling like at home.

So my main worry was reading and writing rather than speaking. I would have to teach them myself. And from that motivation Ole Kids was born.

I am really grateful for all the wonderful friends my children and I have made in the past two years through Ole Kids. My children definitely have a better chance of using both languages equally since they now have a strong incentive to do so being part of a spanish speaking community. Research shows it  is often children who chose to give up a language because they don’t have a community to speak it in. www.sociolinguistica.uvigo.es

It is a real privilege to create that space for my children but also for all the other families in London who are interested in Spanish and the cultures that come along with it.

We have seen so many children grow and start using the language through just one hour of class a week that we have surprised ourselves in how effective it is!

So look out for us! Join us! Let’s make that sunny space around us and open a world of opportunity for our children!