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Our favourite books for the Spring term

Here are our most precious recent finds:

‘BUSCAR’ from our favourite new children’s author Olga de Dios. This is her second book and it is beautiful with  her fun and quirky illustrations. Her first book ‘Monstruo Rosa’ by the way is becoming big in China! These friendly monsters are taking over the world with their cute, basic and very important messages.

buscar   monstruo china

El monstruo de los colores – another monster with a great message. Schools don’t really teach our children about emotions explicitly. Yes they provide a ground for practising emotions but how much do they actually talk about them? Here is a book that makes emotions clear and simple for all. Love it love it.



Cocorico – My children have been loving this story. All the teachings from the red hen, little red riding hood and the three little pigs all in one simple book about a little chick. The cat says ‘marramiau’ great for practising rolling those ‘r’.


Creative Places to read a book

There are the usual places you read with your child: on the couch, in bed , at the kitchen table, etc.

And then there are the Creative Places, places that help the reading time you have with your child feel more special, magical, and mystical.

They are places that say, “This is our special time together; let’s discover something while we’re at it.”

A few weeks ago, I discovered this magical reading nook at Belle Squeaks, and fell in love:

A reading tent!  What a fabulous idea! 

Our spaces affect our moods, and our attitudes. Whether it  be a special place at home, or a secret corner of your library, a bench in a nearby park, or a tree fort in your backyard.  There is something entirely magical about a “reading nook”.

You know these places. You’ve probably found yourself reading a good book in them yourself.


Do you have any creative reading places

around your house?

I challenge you to find that special place

with your child

and enjoy the magic!