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A spoonfull of Spanish, helps the tapas go down…peacefully!

We have a lot to celebrate as we finish the school year.

Our gorgeous trophy and certificates!


This month at Ole Kids, we joined the other shortlisted local businesses at the

Hammersmith and Fulham Brilliant Business Awards 2012.

 Thanks to all your votes we were shortlisted for ‘Best Supporter of the Community’, ‘Your favourite Business’ and were  

Runner up ‘Best New Business’!

We picked up our trophy and are feeling very proud of ourselves as a team and all the families that are on this Spanish learning journey with us.



As well as our trophy we are also over the moon about our other news for the month:

                                       Sunday Spanish workshops at Iberica Canary Wharf!

Iberica London is a gorgeous Spanish tapas restaurant that aims to bring the best quality Spanish food to London. Iberica has also recently collected an award by the Real Academia de Gastronomia in Madrid for their  ‘outstanding contribution to Spanish Gastronomy Worldwide’

And now Iberica is ready to offer the families coming for Sunday lunch a bit more than a cultural experience in terms of food, they are also wanting to bring Spanish language and culutre FREE to their children while they eat!

And that is where we come in. Ole kids will be at the beautiful Canary Wharf Restaurant on Sundays from 12 to 3 pm to keep children entertained and learning after they have gobbled up their ‘croquetas’ ‘jamon’ or ‘tortilla española’ (that is usually what our children choose to eat!)

Each week we will have several art activities ready to pay tribute to different Spanish artists. Picasso, Dali, Velazquez, Miro… they will all have their turn and children of all ages are welcome to come and have a go, from colouring in to collage and sculpture we will cover a range of art materials and formats each week.

 When we feel it is suitable we will run our well known classes full of fun and games to introduce children                                         to different vocabulary whilst gently challenging their movement, communication, social and cognitive skills at whatever stage of development they are at.

 There will be plenty of traditional songs and games to learn, story time, puppet stories. A mixture of      reading in Spanish and English so we can cater for bilingual and monolingual children and bring learning for all. The Grufalo in Spanish, a story about Velazquez in English, the three little pigs in both.

 Initially our workshops are open to all and please please please give us as much feedback, support and ideas as you can so we can make it the best possible experience for all. We are really looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing how our project runs, so do come and visit us and enjoy your meal!!


WHEN: Every Sunday 12.00 to 15.00

(General Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 11.30 am to 11.30 pm, Sundays 12.00 to 16.00)


Flores de Carnaval

Around February every year Lugo (Galicia, The green bit of Spain) dresses up to celebrate carnival.

Days of parties, competitions and becoming whoever you want to be or love to hate being.

My grandmothers 92 and 81 years old and their friends do not give up this party for anything in the world.

They cook traditional dishes, have parties and afternoon teas and are out and about in wacky costumes of the themes they choose each year.

Last year they were fisherwomen with flat baskets full of plastic or handmade fish on their heads, not many years ago my younger grandmother, when she was still in her 70s, spent a whole day being pushed around in an old pram dressed as a baby! She needed time to be able to walk again at the end of the day but anything for a good costume!

One of the traditional recipes in Galicia for carnival are these flowers. My grandmother made a power point last year so that her 27 grandchildren and 20 great grandcildren could carry on making the carnival flowers in years to come.

Espero os guste, y que os animáis ha hacerlas, es muy fácil y son riquisimas.(Hope you like the video…would you dare to make them?…Do let us know how did it go)


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEZsxGNQYR4]

My aunt's churros recipe.

You will not believe how easy it is to make churros!

My aunt Tete taught me a few christmases ago and I can tell you she makes the best churros I have ever tasted!

As always the simplest recipes are the hardest to get right but ever since we learnt we keep trying and almost get there!

So, although she says the recipe must be very exact in terms of measuring, as every Spanish cook I know the very strict instructions quickly go from ‘250 gr of flour’ to ‘well and a little bit more if it doesn’t look right’.

So it is important to watch the video to get an idea of the right consistency of the dough!

But here is the recipe:

250 gr of flour
A pinch of salt
A teaspoon of baking powder
A tablespoon of sugar

Mix it all in and then add

Between 250 to 300 cc of boiling water (I could never get a straight answer but I do know that too little  water will be too heavy and too much water means it will soak up more oil, so we have to experiment)

Put the mix into a churrera (mine is from www.bernar.es and can also be used to make fresh pasta.It looks like they are developing their site to buy online)

Make one long ribbon pushing it out like those play dough syringes, maybe those might work until you get the real churrera!

Start heating some oil to deep fry the churros. Dip a knife into the hot oil to cut the ribbon into churros the size you want. (dipping the knife in the oil is a trick to stop the dough sticking )

Deep fry them until golden.

Rest them on some kitchen paper to soak up the extra oil and sprinkle some sugar over them.

Make sure you have some yummy thick hot chocolate to dip them into! Que Aproveche!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhGfZ3TL0as]