“Yes, my son loves the classes, he said he likes Lola and Ana :) not sure he met you though :)))
He absolutely enjoys anything Spanish related – he is quite advanced in language (sometimes he is better in it than in English). But the structure of the classes, the activities (lovely castanetas last week!), and having some other people to speak spanish makes him want to continue! I hope more people can join, if i can help in any way, let me know. Definitely can give very positive feedback.”

“The Spanish lessons that my daughter and her friend have had over the past year are fantastic. The girls have learnt some Spanish songs, and understand a bit when spoken to in Spanish. The teacher Marina has made the lessons fun and varied for them which has kept up their interest.”

“We absolutely love the lessons and I believe they are working out well. Locky doesn’t always want to speak with Susana because he is unfamiliar with the language and is only learning to speak English also but he has accidentally slipped into saying a Spanish word while we’ve been here so I really believe it is going in and that we need to persist.
Susana is absolutely fantastic, she is patient and engaged and she manages to keep his attention for a whole hour which I must say I admire as he is not that easy to keep interested!”

“El cumpleaños de María estuvo genial. A ella le gustó mucho y todos los niños se lo pasaron genial. Se pasaron las dos horas muy rápido.”
Juana María

“My thanks to Ole Kids for putting so much thought into our daughter’s 5th birthday party and coming up with a bespoke story tailored to our brief. My daughter and her friends had a super time, Carolina was a fantastic host and they really enjoyed the Colombian carnival themed story and games, especially being chased by the La Marimonda! The piñata was a huge success and having a Latin-Spanish theme not only helped the children learn a little about our daughter’s mixed heritage but also experience ‘una fiesta’!
Many thanks”

Cecilia loves the classes!! This is one class she doesn’t like to miss!!
Karen (after school clubs)

From our first class with Ole Kids, we knew we had really stumbled upon something special. My twins wait with anticipation on the mornings Susana is due to arrive and, for the next hour, she creates a magical atmosphere…in our kitchen!
We have seen a huge improvement in the children’s Spanish since we started the class – they have always had very good comprehension, but were not always so comfortable speaking it. That has all changed – they sing all the songs, and their vocabulary has really grown.
We are so happy with Ole Kids, and would recommend it to any of our friends!Alisha