….Thermo que?

GF-DF-Blackberyy-Coconut-4 A few weeks back, over the half term the whole family went to Iberica Canary wharf for a Sunday lunch treat! As always the food was fabulous and the kids loved it! specially since Natalia from Ole kids was at the mezzanine entertaining the small ones, while the adults enjoyed a bit of spanish “tertulia” like back home.

It was at the Olekids play area at the mezzanine that I met Ankita (onegirlandherthermie). Ankita is the London Thermomix Advisor (Demonstrator) and Team Leader, we had a wonderful chat about family and work and how difficult it sometimes is to balance both! And it was really interesting to talk to her about the thermomix, which is a very common feature of Spanish kitchens!

As many Spanish families  we got our thermomix as a present, my mum thought that it would help us in the kitchen when my first daughter was born. The idea was that the less time you spend cooking and washing, the more time you will spend with the baby, and I have to say that it worked!! Since then, six years ago the thermonix has become our saviour in many occasions!


On the way back home I told my husband about Ankita and how nice it was to meet her. I have to admit that in my house the kitchen is my husbands’ domain, and the thermomix as he would say is his tool box. So I felt a bit guilty that he was really disappointed I hadn’t asked for any special recipes from the thermomix “queen” as he put it!

It is funny how the most bizarre things can make people connect and feel closer to each other, every time we go into someone’s kitchen my husband will check if they have a thermomix! A bit geeky I know! I guess he is searching for a sign of camaraderie. If he sees one he will smile and point at it, quite contented, like he has found one of his own.

I am not going to go into the details about what this kitchen robot can do or can’t do, but if you are intrigued or interested ask Ankita, Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 22.45.21she is the thermomix “queen” of London!

For the thermomix scepticals and those who aren’t convinced about this robot yet…well maybe the likes of Heston Blumenthal, Tom Aitkens or Rene Redzepi among others, using it to prepare their award winning dishes might change their minds.

Have a look at this: “spot the thermomix in a famous restaurant ” youtube video playlist Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 23.09.10


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