Lola Fernandez started up Ole Kids with her friend Vanesa when they both realised there were no consistent Spanish language classes for children in London. They wanted to create a space for families to meet and speak Spanish with babies as young as possible in order to make the most of the inherent language abilities babies have during their first few years.

Lola has a background in Psychology, Social Work, Youth Work, Language teaching and for the past 9 years has worked as a massage therapist in a school for children with disabilities. All these different ways of working with people and children have given Lola a holistic view of learning and child development that she has used to design and create the magical classes that Ole Kids teachers are using around London.

After having her own children Lola became well informed about early language acquisition and her children are a constant source of inspiration and ideas. She is using her own experience and that of the hundreds of families who are now learning Spanish with Ole Kids to constantly improve and create more exciting material that is based on authentic books, songs, games and activities that are used in Spanish speaking countries. The idea behind Ole Kids is that language is a ‘tool for communication’ rather than a ‘classroom subject’ and therefore the more children are able to learn it through doing and playing the easier it will be for them and the less effort.

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